We value food and wine heritage, tourism and culture of Piedmont, we promote local businesses, tell their stories, and much more …



Delights to taste … Our Shop

PiemonteFood’s products are selected according to a criteria of excellence of the raw materials, innovation in processes and products remaining tied to the value of the of Piedmont’s culinary tradition.

In collaboration with a team of experts in food and wine we are always looking for new genuine products, fruit of the work of skilled craftsmen who love taste, tradition and innovation.

Everybody share the common passion for quality of life, so well represented by the conviviality of being around a table prepared of food and to taste wines and drinks that fully represent it.


Emotions, stories and landscapes … Our Tour

The best way to know the area of Piedmont’s culinary tradition., its customs, its rich food and wine, people’s faces, their stories and hospitality of this fascinating land, you can explore it, enjoy it, live it fully, enjoying every last drop , until the last light of day.

So in this way was born our tourist offer “Emotion and Knowledge” alchemy of strong emotions, stories and unforgettable landscapes and places of great beauty. Enclosing all these worlds in the word “tour” or the word “tour” would be reductive and unfair.




News, curiosity and stories from the world of food and wine … Our blog

PiemonteFood’s productsisthe cornerof a bookstore,where you can readthose storiesthat nobody tells you. 
It isamagazineon theworld of food. 
PiemonteFood’s productswas born from the ideaof creatingawindow to the worldthat showseverything aboutnutritioninPiedmontand from Piedmont. 
It was born from love and deep respect for the land and its products, for the territory full of traditions, customs, and for all those who work the land, live and respect it.